NCA Network: Legally Abroad

It's here. Our much awaited podcast, Legally Abroad, is now available! Follow and listen along to our new podcast, featuring a new guest on each episode, as we explore the path of an NCA candidate! From networking, to the interview process, to balancing personal vs. NCA student goals, we'll cover it all!


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What is "Legally Abroad" about?

So you're looking to become a lawyer in Canada and get some Canadian experience? You've come to the right place! Hosted by Kim Gale and Sam Allan, we talk to NCA lawyers, industry experts, and leaders in the community to give you tips on how to navigate the process (and assure you that it really is all going to be okay). Kim founded NCA Network in 2018 and Sam was right there withe her when it all began. We'll chat about networking, how to build your portfolio, transitioning to your career after law school and more. This is a NCA Network podcast. Join us on this legal adventure!




Joan Rataic-Lang joins Kim and Sam to provide tips on networking in-person and virtually. Joan tells us what the Toronto Lawyers Association has in store for this upcoming, post-pandemic, event season. She also gives an insider scoop on how to network and how to be successful at it.

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Alicia Windsor took the plunge and moved to Toronto but kept her freelance lawyer gig and continued drafting and advising lawyers in Florida, USA. Alicia empowers us to think outside the box with our legal careers and shares the trials and tribulations of her career thus far. Alicia reminds us to remain confident and that your experience matters.

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LRJ strives to make you stand out and feel confident. Their motto is simple: to bring a touch of colour and originality to the daily lives of lawyers. Today, LRJ still makes everything by hand in Québec and the robes are sold across Canada online! And it is super easy to order. There’s a video about how to measure yourself, and they’re customer service is amazing to help you if you have any questions.

To stand out, to be confident and to feel yourself at court, that is what LRJ aims to achieve.

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Our podcast focuses on the NCA experience as a foreign trained lawyer, and talks about strategies and tips on how to be successful in the Canadian legal market. We are always looking to create partnerships with other law firms, organizations, or individuals who believe in our vision of creating an inclusive legal industry.

The podcast episodes will include, amongst other things, information on the articling process, bar preparation tips, interview best practices, networking sessions, episodes with legal practitioners in all areas, and other successful NCA lawyers.

The Podcast not only aims at creating awareness about the licensing process but also encourage more and more students to network freely and seek mentorship and guidance. NCA network also recognizes that some ITLs may not always be comfortable with networking and connecting with lawyers who are not from their home jurisdiction and so the podcast would enable more and more ITLs to absorb the information without being in situations outside of their comfort zone.

As an internationally trained lawyer, Kimberly Gale founded NCA Network to create a meaningful community where internationally-trained licensees could access mentorship, support, and guidance. The NCA network is the first of its kind in Canada. It is the leading organization dedicated to supporting NCA candidates through a complex, isolating and lengthy licensing process.

If you are looking to get involved with our efforts, we offer sponsorship packages for our podcast. Click below for more details.

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