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Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession


Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession



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What does Unity in Diversity mean to us?

When you don’t fit the mould, it can be an uphill battle, but unity without uniformity is our mantra.

Navigating the NCA process can be difficult. The road to legal qualification in Canada can be long, isolating, and often not clear cut. NCA Network is here to guide you through the process, and like a best friend, encourage you to reach your end goal of legal qualification in Canada. We aim to promote strong professional connections with past NCA alumni who now hold successful legal practices and the legal profession at large, with the vision of fostering meaningful mentor relationships for NCA students.
Kim and Sam noticed throughout their own journeys, that generally once NCA students became qualified and began to practice, they no longer talked about their NCA pasts. We believe this is doing current NCA students a disservice and we want to change that! We need the stories of past NCA students to be the guiding light to our own success and the mentorships they can provide to propel us down the path less travelled.

Whether you are a current NCA student looking for support or a past NCA student who is now a qualified lawyer with a successful practice, we encourage you to sign up for NCA Network because together we can support and help each other through the journey to legal qualification in Canada.


It’s here. Our much awaited podcast, Legally Abroad, is
 now available! Follow and listen along to our new
podcast, featuring a new guest on each episode, as
we explore the path of an NCA candidate! From
networking, to the interview process, to balancing
personal vs. NCA student goals, we’ll cover it all!

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Want to learn more about our Podcast?

The NCA Mentor program aims to connect Mentees, who are usually law students or NCA Students, with Mentors, who have completed the NCA process. The program aims to foster a stronger community and share knowledge about the unique licensing process required for Internationally Trained Lawyers (ITL’s).

Interested in our mentorship program? Check out our Mentors.

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