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Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession

Mentor Program

Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession

Mentor Program

The NCA Mentor program aims to connect Mentees, who are usually law students or NCA Students, with Mentors, who have completed the NCA process. The program aims to foster a stronger community and share knowledge about the unique licensing process required for Internationally Trained Lawyers (ITL’s).
Our mentors are legal professionals who work in a wide variety of fields and who have volunteered to participate in our program.
1. Find a Mentor!

Look through our mentors to see their area of practice and experience. Use the filters to see which mentors have experience in that mentorship area.

2. Book a Meeting!

Once you find a mentor you would like to meet with, click the the “Book HERE” in their bio. Follow the link to sign up for a time slot available on Calendly.

If the mentor has their email listed, please send them an email directly for a mentoring session.

Can’t find a slot? Check back regularly as our mentors update their calendars with time slots of availability regularly.

3. Meet with you Mentor!

Mark you calendar and enjoy your session with your mentor! Your mentor has indicated on their calendly link how to reach them for your session. Make sure to read “Our Rules” before you meet your mentor.

  1. This is a networking opportunity with the goal of sharing strategies, tips, and advice to NCA candidates, NOT a job interview. Thus, please do not meet with mentors with the intent of asking for job.
  2. We ask that mentees remain respectful of the mentor’s availability. Our mentors have generously offered the time they have available.
  3. In an effort for as many NCA candidates as possible to benefit from this opportunity, we ask that you kindly do not book many sessions with mentors all at once.
  4. Please make sure to read the mentor’s bio before your meeting. Considering the short timeframe of the sessions, it is best to reserve that time for substantive questions related to mentoring rather than the mentor’s resume.
  5. Please be punctual in attending your meeting. Mentors reserve the right to cancel your session if you are unreasonably late and without explanation.
  6. If you are meeting a mentor via video platform (e.g., Zoom, Skype, Teams,etc.), we ask that you have your camera on as a professional courtesy.
  7. The purpose of the mentoring session is focused on you as a mentee. While some mentors might be comfortable sharing personal details, the session is designed to revolve around you as a mentee.
  8. Mentors reserve the right to cancel or cut-short a session if the mentee’s questions are not regarding NCA-related matters. Please remain PROFESSIONAL in your sessions. Anything that would be inappropriate to ask in-person is likely not appropriate to ask in a mentoring session.
  9. This is not a job-scouting platform. Asides from the area of their practice and general experience, personal details of a mentor’s employment is not appropriate to inquire about.
  10. Repeated violations and/or complaints regarding breach of our rules can lead to an individual being banned from participating in the mentoring program.
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